Don't You Want This?

Metabones has released their Contax N mount lens to Sony E-mount adapter. Of course, if you use only Canon cameras and nothing else, that is a moot point, but an adapter-to-Sony solution will have the following advantages:
  1. No modification necessary. The adapter will be an off-the-shelf product that you just plug-and-play. No hassle of shipping lenses around.
  2. For the price of one modification service (more or less), you will get an adapter which works with all Contax N mount lenses, and if you add the Contax NAM-1 adapter, all Contax 645 lenses as well.
  3. With Sony A7RIII, A7III, A7RII and A7II, phase-detect autofocus speed of Contax lenses will be the same as the same lens on Canon.
  4. With Sony A7RIII, A7III, A7RII and A7II, phase-detect autofocus of Contax lenses will have better accuracy than on Canon.
  5. With Sony A7 Mark II/III series, 5-axis in-body image stabilization is a much-needed compliment to Contax N and 645 lenses, none of which have optical image stabilization. No Canon camera body offers IBIS, not even the EOS R, and that is not expected to change in the foreseeable future.
  6. The adapter will have user-upgradable firmware, which you just download and install via a micro USB cord. Firmware update of a Conurus-modified lens is by factory service only.

In short, you will get your Contax lenses ready more quickly and more economically, and they will work better.

We have been working on Contax N lenses for 12 years as of the date of writing (2018). It is very time consuming and labour intensive to turn every screw and solder every wire for each and every lens modified. From a business standpoint, a mass-produced adapter saves everyone precious time, and resources can thus be freed up and diverted to improve workmanship, reliability and customer support.

Thank you to all Contax N users, it was because of you that autofocus mount conversion was born, which begot, in 2012, a whole new era of fully electronic, auto-everything mirrorless mount adapters. A revolution began, and is still well underway. It has now come full-circle to where it all started.

Bo-Ming Tong
Vancouver, Canada