Track modification progress and pay

  • 3 weeks after you sent your lens to us, you may start tracking your lens by either the serial number of your lens or the tracking number the post office gave you when you send your lens.
  • We will test your lens for basic AF/AE functionality before commencing conversion. Our lens tracking database system will show the test results.
  • If your lens fails the test, it will be automatically forwarded to Contax Japan for service. You will receive a quote from Contax Japan on the repair charges. You will have the option of declining the quote and getting the lens back unrepaired, or paying Contax Japan for the repair, in which case there will be a 18% surcharge on top to cover our costs such as wire transfer fees, currency exchange costs to Japanese yen, shipping charges to Contax Japan and PayPal fees. We will NOT modify any failed lens before it is first repaired by Contax Japan.
  • You are advised that there is some inherent risk in procuring a used lens, even if you buy from a reputable store. You are responsible for inspecting your lens and making sure it is free of defects before sending it to us for conversion.
  • If you wish to cancel your order before your lenses have been converted please be advised that there will be a $30/lens handling fee plus shipping for returning your unconverted lenses back to you. Your order cannot be canceled if we have already modified your lenses.

Please enter the serial number or post-office tracking number of your lens:

Turnaround time

day 0 you mail your lens
day 7 lens arrives in Canada
day 11 lens picked up from the post office
day 18 lens tested and recorded in our tracking database
day 125 lens modified to EF mount
day 168 lens shipped!
day 175 lens arrives at your door

The above are average figures in 2009. Potentially, your lens' progress may be faster or slower than average. Sorry but there may be unpredictable surges in demand and as such we are unable to make any guarantees on turnaround time.

We are unable to make any promises or entertain any requests that your order would ship before a certain date. Thank you very much for your understanding.


  • US/Canada: you have already paid by cheque when you sent your package to us.
  • Other countries: after your lens has been modified, a payment link automatically appears in the tracking information which accepts your PayPal payment.
  • Please ensure your shipping address is correct when you check-out using PayPal. Shipping address cannot be changed once you have checked-out.
  • Don't have a PayPal account? This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. about other methods of payment. Post offices of most countries offer international money transfers or international money orders. Ask us!

Final testing and shipment

After receiving your payment, your lens will undergo another round of rigorous testing to make sure everything works when it reaches your hands. That will take another 2 weeks. Though unlikely, if your lens fails this post-conversion test, we will work on it again to address any issues we may find, and this may incur additional delays.