Shipping your lens to us for conversion


Do NOT include any lens hood, but include the original Contax NCL soft lens case, if you have any, to protect your lens. To avoid moisture during shipment, put the lens in a plastic bag before putting it in the box. Make sure there is a minimum of 1.5 inches/4 cm of padding material between the lens and each side of the box.


Fill out this order form, print it, and include it in the box. If you have an invoice of your original lens purchase, make a xerox copy and include it in the box. Do not send us the original invoice. No invoice is fine, too.

US/Canada only

Please include a cheque payment (US or Canadian bank), payable to "Coneos Imaging Corporation", along with the lens in the same package. Add $38 per order for shipping/handling. (Do not use our PayPal shopping cart to check-out because the shopping cart will overcharge you the international shipping rate.)

Canadian residents pay GST/HST. (BC=12%; NB/NL/ON=13%; NS 15%; other=5%) Shipping is also subject to GST/HST.

Outside of US/Canada

If your country is on this list please feel free to send us your lenses first and pay by PayPal after they have been modified. Sorry but we are unable to ship to Russia, Thailand and other countries not on the list because they are not covered by Canada Post Xpresspost service.


Download our address label, fill out your return address, print it and put it on the box.

Use the Post Office

Please do NOT ship your lenses to us by courier such as FedEx, DHL, UPS, Canpar, TNT or Chronopost because they have NO access to our premises. They cannot get into our building and your package may be returned to you unopened. Also, we have had custom clearance issues with UPS in the past. On one occasion, UPS had a delay of 3 weeks using their "express" grade of service. Please use the post office. The post offices of most countries offer international parcel delivery with insurance and/or tracking, and that in our experience has been the fastest and the most reliable way of shipping lenses. In the United States, it is called "USPS Global Priority Mail" and in many other countries it is called "EMS Speedpost". As a rule of thumb, go with the cheapest Air Mail service with tracking.

Customs declaration

If you are being asked to fill out a customs declaration form, the customs declaration is "TEMPORARY IMPORTATION 9993.00.00. Photographic lens 9002.11.10.10 made in Japan for repair or alteration in Canada. Do NOT charge GST: special authority code 16-089Z1663." (Our address label already has the exact same phrase for your convenience.) This will get the lens into Canada without paying any taxes to the Canadian government.