Lens modification service

Send your Contax N lens to us for conversion to Canon EF mount, retaining autofocus and auto aperture functionality.

Vario-Sonnar 28-80/3.5-5.6 US$229 C$299
Vario-Sonnar 70-200/3.5-4.5 US$299 C$399
Vario-Sonnar 24-85/3.5-4.5 US$459 C$599
Planar 50/1.4 SOLD OUT
Makro-Sonnar 100/2.8 SOLD OUT
Vario-Sonnar 70-300/4-5.6 US$459 C$599
Vario-Sonnar 17-35/2.8 US$759 C$999
Planar 85/1.4 US$759 C$999
Tele-Apotessar 400/4 US$759 C$999
NAM-1 Adapter US$759 C$999
US/Canada shipping/handling
(for any number of lenses)
US$28 C$38
Intl shipping per order
(for any number of lenses)
US$56 C$76

In order to keep things simple there is no quantity discount or other discounts of any kind. Everybody pays the same price. However, you pay the same shipping charge for up to 6 lenses in the same order - again to keep things simple.

Important Advisory Regarding the Discontinuation of Service of all Contax Lenses

Contax N lenses have been discontinued for more than 10 years and Contax Japan ceased servicing them in April 2015. New customers are advised to evaluate the risk of ownership for something that is not be repairable should it malfunction down the road. Contax N lenses are statistically some of the most reliable autofocus lenses available but as with all electronics they will all one day cease to function. Common issues include failed ultrasonic motors (Vario-Sonnar 2,8/17-35, Vario-Sonnar 3,5-4,5/24-85), stripped focus gears (Makro-Sonnar 2,8/100, Vario-Sonnar 3,5-5,6/28-80), broken autofocus shafts or optical alignment issue arising from impact (Vario-Sonnar 4-5,6/70-300) and failed aperture diaphragms (Vario-Sonnar 3,5-4,5/24-85). Due to the lack of spare parts, most of these problems are unrepairable. Fully functional Contax N lenses tend to be keepers so there may be a higher proportion of malfunctioning Contax N lenses on the secondary market. Exercise caution in your procurement. The Apo-teletessar 4/400, Planar 1,4/85, Vario-Sonnar 3,5-4,5/70-200 and all Contax 645 lenses have very low failure rates. Click here to see the failure statistics we collected.

When the lens is done and returned to you

For countries in the European Union, the United States, and many other countries, you may have to pay duties and/or VAT when the lens is returned to you on the value-added while it is abroad (i.e. my conversion fee). You may be required to establish that you are temporarily exporting your lens abroad for alteration (e.g. proof of purchase or proof of legal importation into your country), so that when the lens is returned to you, you will not be levied duty, sales tax or VAT on the full value of your lens. Please verify the exact regulations with your local authorities. In most countries, this means you keep a receipt showing where you purchased your lens from. No receipt is okay most of the time, but if you do have it, including a photocopy when you ship your lens to us will address any concerns that your customs officials might have. That way, you will be levied duty and VAT only on the value added by us (i.e. what we charge you).

The following table shows our past customs clearance experience, which is in no way indicative of future performance, so your mileage may vary.

Austria no clearance difficulties reported
Germany required to establish the lens was exported from Germany and you may be required to pay VAT on the modification fee.
Indonesia you may be required to pay a tax which may exceed 36% of the full value of the lens
Ireland please obtain proof of export from your post office
Japan please include a copy of your lens' receipt
Korea Customs clearance difficulty has been reported for high-valued shipments (exceeding US$600) imported for personal use. We advise patrons in Korea to NOT place any orders before you have clarified the re-importation procedure with your customs authorities.
Hong Kong free port; no duties/taxes on photo equipment; please ignore the receipt requirement
Singapore please include a copy of your lens' invoice when you send your lens to us
Taiwan upon the lens returning to Taiwan you may be charged 5% duty plus 5% VAT on the cost of the conversion
United Kingdom customs requested receipts of the lenses
United States no clearance difficulties reported